I am fortunate to have talented friends with cool connections. So when Kelsey from Refinery43 posted some of her cool branded stuff from Lumi (customizable branding supplies) I was like ".Y.E.S." this is just what Simka Sol needs. bad.

I had been screen printing my packaging by hand which got really expensive because well, time is money and those motherf*ckers took a lot of time...

me printing my own packaging.
(my own printed packaging, gorgeous, but. wanted. to. die. at the end)

I put in my first order with Lumi and *BAM* HOOKED!

lumi packaging and tape
(mailers and boxes and tape oh my!!)

They have such fantastic products and even better customer service, seriously, they rock, so much so. They invest a lot of their time learning about their customers brands and their brand needs. They even did a post about Simka Sol's search for brand focus (click to read!)

lumi packaging

They post great articles for small businesses and start ups of all kinds. Take a few mins on your lunch break or train ride home and scour through...who knows, you may be inspired.....



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