I'd be lying if I said being an artist/maker is without lonely moments.

More often than not, I'm working alone, befriended by the low humming of the sewing machines or swinging to a lullaby of beats and swipes of the printing press.

Its easy to get swept up in the ordinary tempo of factory life and get bored or discouraged with where one's life is going (mine) but what keeps me going is the notion that I can make a difference in how clothing is perceived and help people make better choices.

If I can show a few people that clothing has a direct impact (just like our food does) on social and environmental aspects of our world, its worth the talking to myself and daydreaming of tropical islands away from my machines. totally....

To get you started a great documentary to watch is "the true cost" << click me it'll save you and myself the 10 paragraph spheel I was going to type, just watch it, its on Netflix, no excuses babes...

XX, Sara


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