A Look Inside The Simka Sol Studio

Who is Simka Sol?

Simka Sol embodies the creative vision of graphic designer Sara (Simcha) Charles. With a background in graphic design, surface pattern design, screen printing, and fashion, Sara has passionately curated a vibrant collection of clothing, art, and home decor that showcases her distinctive prints and artworks. Her fearless graphic style, coupled with a touch of earthiness and occasional macabre undertones, creates a captivating and highly sought-after aesthetic.

A proud graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design ('07), Sara has nurtured her business for the past 14 years. Recognized as an Etsy Featured Seller and featured in an Etsy Quit Your Day Job article, her artistic endeavors have gained widespread acclaim. Sara's works have been featured in publications like Magnolia Journal Magazine, Apartment Therapy, and Business Insider. Adding to the excitement, her art has found a place on the sets of two major ABC sitcoms, amplifying the reach and impact of her creations.

Committed to Responsible Manufacturing

Having learned the art of screen printing, I've modified the process by adapting it to eco-friendly practices. Instead of relying on UV exposure units and electricity, I expose screens using natural sunlight during the daytime.

In alignment with our dedication to sustainability, all prints are created using water-based inks that are free from harmful VOCs, PVC, and other toxic substances. Our commitment extends to the selection of materials—we proudly offer USA-milled fabrics and certified imported organic blends. These textiles adhere to stringent environmental and Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production guidelines, with organic certifications from respected bodies such as IMO, Control Union, OCIA, NOP, or Ecocer. Additionally, we use low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes for the dyeing process.

A majority of our fabrics are sourced and milled in the USA, clearly indicated on product pages. We prioritize large quantity orders to minimize our shipping footprint and ensure a consistent product supply.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, we engage in small-batch, in-house production. This not only eliminates unnecessary inventory and overstock but also allows for meticulous attention to detail in every garment we offer.

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