A Look Inside The Simka Sol Studio

Sara Charles of Simka Sol

Who is Simka Sol?

Simka Sol is the art child of graphic designer Sara Charles (she/her).

Sara synthesized surface pattern design, screen printing and fashion into a fervid line of clothing, art and home decor that exhibits her distinctive prints and artworks. Her bold graphic style and earthly yet occasionally macabre designs are easily recognizable and wildly sought-after.

She has thoughtfully grown her business over the past 14 years. Honored to be an Etsy Featured Seller and an Etsy Quit Your Day Job article spotlight, her works have been published in numerous publications such as Magnolia Journal Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Business Insider and has had the thrill of selling her art for display on two major ABC sitcom sets.

Simka Sol is an inclusive brand. We believe all folks are feral babes. 

So just how are you eco-conscious?
Since learning how to screen print I've modified the process and made it my own by exposing my screens in the daytime sun, which eliminates the need for uv exposure units and electricity.

I also print using only eco-friendly water based inks, which contain no harmful VOC's, PVC or any other harmful toxic substances, making them safe for environment as well as the user. This process which is so dependent on the environment has helped me slow down in a fast paced "now" world, take a deep breath and appreciate what nature gives us as natural tools.

Tell us about the fabric!
I am excited to announce that I offer USA milled fabrics as well as certified imported organic blends, harvested and manufactured under strict environmental and Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production guidelines. Our organic offerings are fully certified by IMO, Control Union, OCIA, NOP or Ecocer and and dyed with low impact, fiber reactive dyes. Imported organic blends are manufactured in mills where workers operate in a well maintained, healthy and safe environment; they are well trained for their jobs; they are treated with respect; they are paid fairly and are provided with health insurance, sick and maternity leave benefit. No child labor is used.

Majority of our fabrics are milled in the USA and are noted as to which on product pages. We order our fabric in large quantities to reduce our shipping footprint and in order to offer a continual and consistent product. 

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