I got a new camera. With a bazillion different settings on it...

Overwhelming to say the least but over the course of three nights and three pots of coffee, I read the ENTIRE manual.... like. every. single. page. and took notes, because I'm a nerd like that.

It snowed the other day and with a scheduled shoot coming up in the next week I figured "lets play with this thingy" (actual words) and use some of these settings.

Now, I'm married and when your married you generally have a husband, or wife, or partner, who will pretty much do anything for you. In my case, it meant sloshing through fresh wet snow while spitting freezing rain is drooling all over and below freezing temperatures to take pictures, because....love....and because I gave the thumbs up to buy a racecar...but mostly love....I think...I don't know, could be racecar...anyways here's what we did...and no, this dress is currently not in stock...because I'm terrible of keeping up with inventory...and am I going to have more soon?...yes! when!? don't know!

XX Sara
(p.s. its faux fur)

simka sol ephemera maxi dress


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  • Jackie : January 07, 2017
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    Gorgeous photos and moments captured… like living poetry ;)

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