Sometimes....sometimes I wish I could grow so large I could manage my whole business from a tropical island sipping fruity drinks while being fanned down and waited on by a tan cabana boy....or girl/man/woman/whatever it could be a zebra, as long as the cold drinks keep coming...

and then other times I think, "Sara, you've got it pretty great right now. You over see all of your business and are super hands on with every stage of design, production and with your customers. Don't you think that's pretty cool?" How many business can say that?

Sometimes...sometimes growing your business has its scary moments. Where you don't know if your growing in the right direction and if its truly going to grow you, or swallow you. Choices. So many choices and directions one could take...which one is right?

One thing is for sure, You have to love what your doing. Believe in what your doing. Whether growing or maintaining, love it. Because if you love it, you'll make the right choices, whatever they may be. Fast Company interviewed me for an article about this topic and its so very inspiring the ways people choose to grow (or not grow) their business. click here to read >>



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